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Do You Need a New Social Security Card?

Do you need a new Social Security Card? The Equifax breach exposed Social Security numbers and other valuable information used to authenticate someone’s identity for 145.5 million Americans. Credit reporting firms use Social Security numbers to authenticate potential borrowers. After all, Social Security numbers are unique, permanent, and used by more than 80 percent of adults. According to the Wall Street Journal (October 2017), “In both 2001 and 2006, the financial services sector Coordinating Council, a banking industry group, told Congress that by using Social Security numbers to “verify individual identities,” credit-reporting firms can quickly provide financial institutions with accurate credit histories.” Continue reading

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2018 Social Security Benefit Increases and Limits

Each year the Social Security Administration ( publishes Old Age, Survivors, Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental Security Income program rates and limits. Below is a verbatim review of the 2018 information provided by the SSA. The important news for Social … Continue reading

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