What we do

KathleenSindell.Com assists firms of all sizes in delivering a wide range of great communications. We have the experience and expertise to support client services, marketing and new business development. This allows our customers to spend valuable “face-to-face” time with clients, prospects and introducers. The following are a few examples of how we can assist you in adding to your “bottom line” and expanding your business.

1. Consultancy: Want to show others your expertise? We can assist you in expanding your practice by helping you publish your book that highlights what makes you different from others in the industry.

2. Blog Writing: Stand out from the crowd with frequent, up-to-the-minute relevant content.

3. Social Media Marketing: Develop your brand using social media marketing strategies.

4. eNewsletters: Use targeted newsletters to increse your connections to clients, prospects and introducers.

5. Customer Loyalty: Get expert advice from the author of “Loyalty Marketing for the Internet Age“.

6. Web Design: Are your customers not finding you on the Web? Want to get lsited on the Web even if you don’t have a Web site?

7. Marketing Plan Development: Unsure about how to market your new publication? Need guidance about how to prioritize your marketing campaign and determine which metrics to use to evaluate your success?

8. Webinars: Ask about our customized webinars and presentations. Are looking for new ideas?

Contact Us: KathleenSindell.Com, 200 North Columbus Street, Alexandria, VA   22314, E-Mail  ksindell@kathleensindell.com , 703-299-1700, F-703-299-6026